Neymar reacts in a typically petulant manner as he’s excluded from shortlist for FIFA Best Player award

Every player has to have some kind of ego and selfishness to drive them to the top level, but it’s pretty clear that Neymar only thinks about himself and very occasionally his sister.

He can be such a frustrating player to watch because his talent is clearly up there with the best in the world, but his ruthless streak comes and goes so he’s easily thrown off his game if opponents manage to get inside his head.

It was also widely accepted that moving to PSG would see him move out of Lionel Messi’s shadow and he would finally start taking all the individual awards for being the world’s best player, but he’s still not up there with Messi or Ronaldo:

He can’t really complain because Robert Lewandowski is another outstanding player, but you do wonder if Neymar would be included here if PSG won the Champions League last year.

Obviously the Brazilian hasn’t reacted well to the news, so he’s been his usual petulant self on social media and now claims to be giving up on football to play basketball instead:

In some ways you can understand his frustrations because it’s not like Messi or Ronaldo are still playing at the same level as they always did, so you do have to wonder if he needs to move again to finally be seen in the same bracket as them.

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  1. Paulo says:

    No doubt he is the best best football player in the world but unfortunately he has many enemies. However, one day God will lift him

  2. Jacob says:

    stop hating lol

    1. Desmond says:

      He is the I will award him.

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