No festive cheer from Frank Lampard as he cancels Chelsea’s Christmas party

If anyone was in any doubt as to just how seriously Frank Lampard is taking Chelsea’s chances of winning the Premier League title, how he’s approaching the festive period will give some idea.

The traditional Christmas party has been cancelled by the manager, as he looks to maximise the Blues’ points haul during their end of year matches.

Covid-19 has clearly played a part in his thinking, given that the squad wouldn’t be able to meet the various protocols that the Government have put in place, and that’s without London having gone into Tier 3 when the rules will become even more severe.

Given that some of the Chelsea players have already fallen foul of the rules, Lampard wants to ensure that none of his squad even think about going out alone.

“I’d better read up on the tier system — there are certain factual things about tiers that a lot of us have doubts about,” he was quoted as saying by The Sun.

“But I know the basics and the players should do by now and I will reiterate to them their responsibilities.

“I think the Christmas party thing of yesteryear has mellowed now anyway.

“Players are so well followed on social media  that some of the parties I might have been involved in are a thing of the past.

“Responsibilities for players are big, as role models to the outside world, for their professional careers, to do the right thing particularly when they are playing so frequently over Christmas.

“They have to live differently to the rest of the public and focus. I will have those conversations.”

In such an atypical year, staying at home or at least within the guidelines shouldn’t really prove to be too much of a problem.

God help any players that go against their manager’s instructions.

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