What was really said during incredible PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir racism storm

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It was a scene that brought shame upon UEFA and was responsible for both Paris Saint-Germain players and their Istanbul Basaksehir counterparts walking off of the pitch in disgust.

During the Champions League tie this week, the fourth official was accused of racism by the Turkish side.

With so much focus on kicking out racism at present, it beggars belief that an official would allow themselves to be involved in the same.

However, as Romanian journalist, Emanuel Rosu, noted on his official Twitter account, there seemed to be some confusion in his use of language.

The fall-out from the incident saw the game abandoned on the night but played the next day with an entirely different group of officials.

It’s a very delicate ongoing situation, as UEFA look to make some sense of the incident and the furore that erupted thereafter.

There every move will surely being watched with interest, and with Rosu setting out (below) exactly what was said, their conclusions could be game-changing.

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  1. The word “negru/neagra are adjectives in Romanian languages and mean black as colour. They don’t have any racist connotation as Romanians were never involved in African slave trade and use. Unfortunately, the pronunciation sounds much like the French “nègre” and English “negro” words uses to designate African slaves and nowadays racist insults. Webo is French speaking and most likely he misheard and misinterpreted “negru” as “nègre”. Webo was abusing the Romanian referees so that is why Hategan asked Coltescu to identify the abuser. Webo had no badge, visible distinctive number of anything to identify him other than appearance. Keep in mind that was not a discussion in a quiet place but during a highly stressful and tension filled football match. Coltescu was tried and found guilty by social media, who villified and abused him for using a word in his mothertongue that sounds like racist words in English and French.
    I am Romanian mothertongue and understand perfectly the context of the use of word “negru”.

    1. I’m black and I’m honestly disgusted by this
      they ruined this poor ref’s career and accused him of racism for no good reason.

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