Shearer finds the target again after investigators track down advisor who owed him £232k

Alan Shearer was renowned for hitting the target with incredible regularity as a player at Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United and England.

After hiring private investigators to track down a financial advisor who owed him £232,000, the ex-centre forward’s impeccable sense of accuracy clearly hasn’t deserted him.

Shearer wasn’t fooled by an excuse from Kevin Neal, who didn’t turn up at a High Court hearing to hear the former’s claim for damages.

Neal had alleged that he was stranded at his Spanish home with an injured foot and because of Covid quarantine protocols, according to the Daily Mirror.

Sure enough, after a few days of the court case being adjourned, the investigators Shearer had hired produced photographs for the judge sitting in the case which, apparently, showed the 62-year-old loading up his car in Hertfordshire.

As a result, Shearer was not only awarded the amount outstanding, but Neal has been ordered to pay £55,845 in court costs too.

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