Mikel Arteta is the first Arsenal manager to manage this in Premier League history

It’s obviously not a positive night from an Arsenal or Mikel Arteta point of view, but the unwanted records just keep on coming.

They have been struggling for weeks but at least the home game against Burnley gave them a decent chance of achieving a regulation home victory to bring some confidence back.

All the stats suggest that Arsenal even dominated the game, but that doesn’t matter at all because it’s Burnley who are heading home with all three points after a narrow victory.

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The ultimate irony comes with Aubameyang scoring the decisive own goal after having a dreadful season following the signing of his new contract in the summer.

Burnley don’t tend to get a lot of joy against Arsenal, and that’s reflected in the fact that they’ve just beaten Arsenal for the first time in Premier League history:

Little records like this will happen here and there so it’s not a disaster when viewed in isolation, but it’s just another thing that will heap added pressure on Arteta when it comes to his job security.


  1. Goonerbeall says:

    It was not supposed to be like this but a favourite striker of mine called Collymore said something about Arteta’s appointment asking what he is exactly experienced in: Guardiola’s likes and dislikes? As it transpired, he won FA cup and all was well and promising. His lack of man management.was not talked about as evidenced by Guendouzzi and Saliba in preference for Hhacka and Luiz. Finally it’s clear he bit more than he can chew. Even Emerry was not this bad. Arsenal has to wake up and smell the coffee otherwise disaster is in the sitting room.

  2. ade says:

    It’s very true sir. this arteta guy is not a good manager. the points on the table do not lie! the board need to get rid and appoint someone now!

  3. Lino Madut says:

    The fight between Arteta and senior players has come clear after this lose, therefore if you odd to keep Arteta you must choose either send away these players. Bellerin , granit , pepe ,alexander and abumeyang then keep arteta or send arteta away to save the club.

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