Real Madrid feel angry backlash after their U9 team beat opponents SAD Villaverde 31-0

Football at grassroots level has always been about learning the game and developing skills, particularly where academy football is concerned.

Local leagues, often through a lack of proper organisation, can see mismatched teams come up against each other with predictable results, but one-sided games shouldn’t happen where elite academy football is concerned.

Real Madrid have therefore been rightly condemned, along with the Spanish Football Federation, according to MARCA.

That’s because Los Blancos’ U9 side hammered their opponents SAD Villaverde by an absolute cricket score: 31-0!

The report in MARCA goes on to say that Real, as a mark of respect to their rivals, didn’t publish the scoreline on their official website, but the damage was done already.

SAD Villaverde took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

“We want to show our anger at this type of situation in grassroots football. Firstly, the big clubs should use sporting strategies to avoid such big scorelines and, secondly, the [Spanish Football] Federation need to restructure the categories,” their statement read.

With any luck, the players on the end of such a total humiliation, can put the result firmly in the past and concentrate on moving forwards.

In the meantime, the Federation clearly need to look at the way they’re structuring junior football in Spain.


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