Video: Hilarious moment as Romelu Lukaku terrifies a ball-boy with his late goal for Inter Milan vs Cagliari

A goalkeeper going up for a late corner is one of the most exciting things that can happen in football because it usually means that someone will score.

It’s never been clear why but the corner always gets aimed at the keeper despite them having little time to hone their heading skills, and once the play breaks down it leaves the opposing team with a simple goal if they get the counter attack right.

Inter Milan did that to Cagliari today, while you can see there’s a moment where the keeper has a choice to make at the half way line as Lukaku runs at him, but he wisely decides that it’s not worth taking the red.

The Belgian could put it in at any point from there but he makes a point of going right up to the goal and putting his foot through the ball:

Pictures from beIN Sports

That all seems fair enough until you see the angle from behind the goal, and it appears the ball boy doesn’t have the full confidence of the net in stopping that ball from coming his way:

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