Mikel Arteta vows to destroy the dressing room leak as Arsenal verge on implosion

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Usually a manager will lose the dressing room over a period of time due to poor man management and baffling decisions, but it looks like Arsenal’s problems sprang up over night.

Everything looked rosy at the end of last season with the FA Cup win and it’s easy to forget they started this season in great form, but they suddenly look on the verge of imploding as the dressing room tears itself apart.

One of the main issues was raised in a report from the Mirror where they talked about a supposed dressing room leak who was revealing damaging information to the media – such as the alleged punch up between David Luiz and Dani Ceballos.

That player hasn’t been named so they won’t see much personal benefit from these details emerging, so you have to think it’s someone with a grudge who simply wants to tear the dressing room apart.

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Obviously Mikel Arteta isn’t delighted with his development and he’s vowed to “destroy” the mole who’s leaking the information, but finding the person responsible isn’t going to be easy.

He could attempt to feed different bits of information to different players and then monitor the press to see what’s leaked, but he’s also the manager of a huge football club in the middle of an intense schedule so he’s definitely got more important things to do.

It’s easy to attack Arteta’s lack of managerial skills because he doesn’t have enough control over the squad to stamp this out, but if it’s one person who’s got a grudge then there’s not a lot he can actually do.

Perhaps there could be a decent case to bring in Colleen Rooney as some sort of mole crushing consultant, but the entire situation at Arsenal is just a mess and it’s hard to see them turning this round.

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