Spartak Moscow destroy Arsenal after fan asks why he should support them instead

We live in a time where we have to put up with a worrying amount of plastic fans, so it’s likely that Arsenal will lose a lot of “supporters” in the next few months.

Supporting a team is an emotional thing so there needs to be something about a club that just draws you in, so anyone caught asking why they should consider supporting your team is sending up red flags immediately.

One Arsenal fan reached out to Russian giants Spartak Moscow on Twitter to ask why it might be better to support them instead of the Gunners, and this response is glorious:

The biggest storyline surrounding Arsenal just now is there position in the league. It seems utterly absurd to suggest that they are genuinely in a relegation battle, but they are sleepwalking into one with their recent form and the Spartak response basically refers to them as relegation candidates.

They also take care of Aubameyang by alluding to the pain from his own goal last night, while the final point will get fans of the other London clubs on board too.

It must be a dreadful time to be an Arsenal fan just now because everyone is simply adding to their misery just now, but things might eventually get better…