Opinion: Arsenal fans need to be careful what they wish for

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However much Arsenal supporters are hurting at the moment, calling for the manager’s head does this great club a disservice.

Fans of the north Londoners always appeared to pride themselves on how classy they were. A cut above if you will.

Watching the way that Mikel Arteta is being torn to shreds on television and via radio phone-ins is a little disconcerting though to say the least.

It’s become the norm for some clubs to ‘hire em and fire em’ with alarming regularity but the Gunners really need to think hard before going down that road.

Yes, there are clearly problems at the club, but firing the manager – again – so soon after bringing him back to the club of his life isn’t the solution.

Arsene Wenger was hounded out in the end, despite giving Arsenal one of the greatest periods in their history, with Unai Emery not lasting too long before the boo boys had their way.

Arteta must be given time to right the wrongs and must be trusted on his decision making. No one truly knows why Mesut Ozil isn’t playing but that’s the managers decision and he has to be backed.

Should the Spaniard be relieved of his duties, who will the club get in his place? Patrick Vieira? Do me a favour. Max Allegri? No Premier League experience.

Arsenal fans need to be careful what they wish for… Sam Allardyce is available apparently.



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  1. Since 2004,Chelsea have had at least 10
    managers and have won more trophies than Arsenal. The gunners are using the self sustaining model, very admirable but wont
    help to win trophies, which is the name of the game.
    Until Arteta or whoever comes after him, Arsenal will be unable to compete until they can buy top, top players.

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