A look into the future as clubs will now be able to use AI to help identify the perfect transfer

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Technology in football is nothing new, particularly when it comes to elite level.

Clubs across the globe looking for even the slightest advantage may use tools such as ProZone, and to monitor player fitness, the coaches will have wearables used to measure speed, body fat and other variables.

There was always going to come a time when things would be taken up a notch in this regard, and it would appear that that time is now.

According to the Daily Mail, the inventor of ProZone, Ramm Mylvaganam, has come up with some Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help clubs be able to identify the perfect transfer.

How does it work?

AI Abacus plans to use artificial intelligence to find the a match between players and clubs, based on the chemistry a potential target will have with their new team-mates, and also how said target would fit into the style of play.

It would open up all sorts of new possibilities to clubs in the same way that ProZone did back in 1988. Before then clubs had no ideas how many kms their players were running (for example) – something that’s second nature today.

“People always talk about chemistry between players, but up to now that has just been words,” Mylvaganam was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“We have found a way of defining these criteria. We want to find out how people will play in another team. This enables clubs to make recruitment decisions.”

It will be interesting to see if this works as well as Mylvaganam’s previous invention and what the take-up from elite clubs will be. Will it render a football scout’s job redundant in future for example?

So many questions…