Arsenal squad unhappy with two key decisions made by Mikel Arteta

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Key members of the Arsenal squad are reportedly unhappy with manager Mikel Arteta’s man-management as concerns surrounding the Spaniard’s future continues to mount.

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Arteta, 38, was named as Arsenal’s head coach in December 2019 following the dismissal of Unai Emery just three-weeks prior.

The former Arsenal and Everton midfielder enjoyed a hugely successful start to life in the Emirates’ dugout after guiding the Gunners to their record 14th FA Cup just nine-months after his appointment.

However, more recently, life at the helm of one of England’s biggest clubs has not been easy for the 38-year-old.

After an abysmal start to the 2020-21 domestic campaign has seen Arsenal win just four of their first 13-matches, Arteta is currently faced with his side sitting 15th in the league table.

A recent string of home defeats mixed with poor individual performances at the hands of ill-discipline have piled the pressure on the Spaniard.

According to a recent report from The Athletic, members of the Arsenal squad are less than impressed with their manager’s man-management skills.

It has been claimed that several players were left unhappy after Arteta allowed attacker Willian to feature against Leeds United last month despite the Brazilian travelling to Dubai without permission.

In addition to the discontent surrounding Arteta’s decision to stick with Willian, the squad are reportedly unhappy with David Luiz’s exclusion from the side’s 1-0 win over Manchester United at the start of November.

Worth noting – A recent statement from Luiz’s representatives denied reports their star client had fallen out with Arteta, as quoted by Metro, Luiz’s agency said:
“David Luiz strongly denies this story about him and Arteta and insists he has a good relationship with Arteta and wishes nothing but success.”

However, despite Luiz’s agency’s efforts to calm any suggestions the defender has fallen out with the club’s manager, it is clear all is not well at Arsenal and with a crucial festive period now upon us, the Gunners will be desperate to finally climb up the table.

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  1. I agree with Leno , the problem is not in artete the problem is on players I think now is the time that Mikel will put aubameyang under pressure, or if it is hard then the Europa squad should play the premier league

    1. auba – is obviously burnt out he played practically every game last season during the pandemic. Arteta cannot manage this club it is beyond him

      pep would not let anyone coach his team arteta was the messenger that was it

    2. Artetta has proven that he is tactically inept and has through arrogance lost the dressing room. What some pundits describe as being a strict disciplinarian is in reality a cover for his inability to communicate and get along with his players except those whom he favours. Take the example of Guendouzi and Xhaka, both players grabbed an opponent by the throat, one at the end of the game because he was incensed by an injury caused to his teammate and the other during a vital game which we went on to lose because the opponent tripped him, so he says. Artetta’s treatment of Guendouzi and Xhaka contradicts his claim of being a disciplinarian as I’m sure Xhaka will be welcomed back as soon as possible. I can’t think of any other manager right now who would devalue a club asset for his own ego, which is why we are where we are. In deep deep sheet.

  2. i disagree with my brother saying that mikel should put Auba under human being who works under pressure performs.mikel made a huge mistake by off loading the magic play maker MESUT OZIL.This man ozil is a world cup winner,he has many honours right away from real madrid.he has player under jose and ancelot at madrid.arsenal is lacking a play maker.

    1. @felix… has ozil been performing before the arrival of arteta as arsenal manager?we should watch what we say.

      1. Arteta needs to leave Arsenal as soon as possible. He is bereft of ideas as things stands now with the club. Like someone said, give him 2years Arsenal will be in League One.

    2. cannot agree more … this team is almost “nothing” without Ozil … but who is listening ..?

      & i am not happy with Auba’s performance also … he is not a good leader ..

  3. Yes, arteta doing mistake all the time he have to change some of the players who those not inform and use the Europa squad

  4. Whatever differences arteta had with ozil he should not it against us the fans, right now we’re unhappy we need smiles

  5. auba – is obviously burnt out he played practically every game last season during the pandemic. Arteta cannot manage this club it is beyond him

    pep would not let anyone coach his team arteta was the messenger that was it

  6. It is very convenient for fans to blame the players and insist that MA is a good manager. He is not. Get Rodgers or the Southampton boss to manage this group and u will be guaranteed a top 4 finish. It is incredible that MA spent 3 years with Pep yet his team cant do 4 progressive passes. Why do we always defend mediocrity.

  7. Arteta doesn’t read the game well. He doesn’t like the players brought in by Emary. Guendouzi, Torreira, Saliba and Pepe, none of them were given real chance. Pepe only got chance because his favorite Willian always disappointing. Saliba and Gabriel they were both playing in the same league but what’s his excuses on Saliba. He keeps on saying Saliba never had a transitional year. Did Gabriel had a transitional year. The guy is clueless, he attacks his players openly when ever they make mistakes. He should just leave

  8. The Fans should go after the owner and the board. They employ a novice cum rookie to be the coach, and should expect lots of mistakes along the way for the next 5 years. Even if relegated, the fans must support them. The board can’t be that stupid to expect a lot from Arteta who is still behind the ears. Also his squad is worst than Chelsea Lampard or Man U Ole. Give Arteta a break and give him time like Klopp in Liverpool. $ years win nothing and delivered on the fifth year,

  9. I think Arsenal has a very big problem,why do u loan out Lucas Torrera.Gwendozi and keep Elynen???,Arteta needed to have bought a creative midfielder before freezing out Ozil and before buying Partey.Arteta reinstate AMN as a midfielder to help Kerrian Tierany on the left hand side of the field,drop Willian to bench and push Saka to play at the right hand side to provide creativity in the team.PEA is a world class striker,he will score for u goals provided chances are created.

  10. Arsenal for me lack any real leadership. They have some really great players in the likes of Saka, Martinelli and Nketiah amongst others but no one other than perhaps Tierney to organize them into a tight unit with an ethos and a pride in themselves. If they did they would be very dangerous to anyone.

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