Edinson Cavani’s minimum ban if Man United striker is found guilty of misconduct

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Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct by the FA – and faces a minimum three-match ban if found guilty, according to the BBC.

As reported by the BBC, Cavani’s use of a Spanish word which is considered racist in England has landed him in hot water with this country’s governing football bodies.

Cavani has been charged with misconduct, though is yet to be found guilty of said charge, with both he and Man United having the right to appeal if they see fit.

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However, should Cavani be found guilty the BBC report that he will be banned for three matches at a minimum. It would the FA’s decision as to how long that ban would be.

That would be bad news for Man United, who can ill afford to lose a striker of his calibre in their bid to get their season back on track.

Though, in the grand scheme of things, Cavani and Man United ought to be relieved that the context reflects kindly on the Uruguayan, else the consequences could be far greater.

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  1. If his friend, Negrito, didn’t object, then this could be construed as yet another unwarranted projection by the illiberals to curtail free speech.

  2. It wasn’t Cavan’s will for Fifa charges against him.
    For he thought he was free to his friend and since the friend did not accuse him,this would not have further judgments against the Striker.

  3. This is social diversity gone mad. A player makes a perfectly acceptable normal comment to a friend from his own country, yet the pompous idiotic bureaucratic FA deem it unacceptable to their archaic standards. But then he is a Manchester United player and we all know the FA detest us so the punishment will be far more severe than that of any other club’s player.

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