Meeting today could soon mean headers are a thing of the past in football

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Talks scheduled for today could soon mean heading the ball is a thing of the past in football amid growing calls for restrictions.

The Times report on these talks between English football authorities, which will determine if there should be a reduction in heading in both professional and amateur football.

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The report explains that the PFA have called for heading to be cut down in training in the adult game as a matter of “urgency”, following recent limits imposed on players aged under 18.

This is due to some data suggesting that footballers are more likely to develop dementia in later life, though the Times also add that there is no direct evidence of there being a link.

It seems like this could make sense, however, with footballers so often having to make a strong contact with a hard ball.

Perhaps more evidence is needed on this, but it’s hard to imagine this wouldn’t have a negative impact on players at some point in their lives.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of these talks is, but recent trends suggest heading could be increasingly phased out of the game.

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  1. This is not what they are looking at?
    they are looking at ways to reduce head contact, primarily in training.
    Concussion can be caused by so many things not associated with impact to the head, a bump from the side or even stopping a firmly struck ball with your foot can cause concussion.
    There is lots of work being done across this field and never has there been a discussion on banning heading in the game.

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