“Deserves to start” – These Arsenal saw some positives tonight and urge Arteta to make bold changes vs Chelsea

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It’s natural for any fan to demand the young players get a chance when the veterans just aren’t performing, but there must be a reason that so many managers just refuse to do it.

It probably comes down to them becoming paranoid about their own future and knowing they can “trust” the older players, but there’s a case to be made that Arsenal’s young talents need to be starting more games.

We usually see that the young players play without fear and they have the energy and ambition to do something different, while being an unknown quantity also helps.

Too many teams are drilled to do the same things so they become predictable, while having someone who does different things or hasn’t learned to be so disciplined can actually work in your favour if it’s in an attacking sense.

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There are two sides to this and it could legitimately traumatise some of the kids for the rest of their careers if they somehow get dragged down with Arsenal, but the likes of Gabriel Martinelli and Emile Smith-Rowe showed more tonight than many of their big money colleagues.

There’s not much for the Arsenal fans to get excited about now, but the younger players do offer some hope for the future and plenty of the supporters are demanding they get the chances to start in the Premier League:

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  1. Arteta has to go. Dont believe what the rival
    managers say about sacking him.
    If Arsenal can’t compete at the top end of the table, its one team less to challenge them.
    Although we still have many games to play, there is no guarantee Arsenal wont be sucked indo the relegation fight.

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