Detailed analysis shows that Granit Xhaka is a leader for Arsenal with ace constantly dishing out in-game instructions to teammates

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With Granit Xhaka facing serious criticism from Arsenal fans and the media following his red card for the Gunners against Burnley, one fan has jumped to the star’s defence with an in-depth breakdown…

Xhaka was sent off for violent conduct, with Burnley making use of their extra man as they went on to win 1-0 – the Gunners haven’t improved since, with a total of seven defeats in their last league games.

The Swiss midfielder’s suspension leaves him ruled out of tonight’s Carabao Cup quarter-final against Manchester City.

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We’ll highlight and detail a few clips shared by Arsenal fan @ddoublepivot of Xhaka in the defeat to Manchester City earlier this season, take a look through the entire thread, it’s a fine find: 

In the 12th minute of the tie, Xhaka helps out Gabriel Magalhaes when the summer recruit is left without any feasible options from a free-kick in their own half.

Xhaka points and instructs the ace to play the ball back to David Luiz.

In the 16th minute of the encounter, Xhaka offers a helping to Magalhaes once again, but also Bernd Leno.

When the centre-back struggled to find any players open, he passed the ball back to Leno, which was somewhat dangerous as Raheem Sterling was pressing, he pointed out Gabriel as a safe option.

In the 19th minute came a much more impactful decision from Xhaka, Arsenal pressed the Citizens forcing them to play it back to Ederson.

Xhaka then made it clear to Dani Ceballos that he needed to mark midfield maestro Rodri, this led to Ederson being forced to kick the ball out wide, with Xhaka winning possession back.

Pictures from Setanta Live.

With this analysis of the midfielder showing that he is in fact an extremely vocal and directive leader, is it time for Arsenal supporters to cut Xhaka some slack?

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  1. Evidence showing Xhaka giving directions to pass the ball backwards is evidence of leadership¿????? What¿¿¿ Xhaka is nothing more than a con artist. He gets 140,000 pounds every week to point out a back pass to team mates??? What kind drugs is the writer of this piece on¿¿¿ Anyone who gives this article an iota of credibility is a effing moron with putrid puss for brains. What nonsense thinking is this?? If Artetta continues with Xhaka’s negative style of there’s only one place this club is heading for, and that’s out of the premier league

  2. Xhaka has not been in the team and what good results are there to show for it. The truth is he is not the best at it but Arsenal has no better player. Without him the team is rudderless and no one person can dispute that. Hate Xhaka for all you care but it will take ages for Arsenal to get an upgrade on him. Good analysis writer

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