“Embarrassing and weak” – These Arsenal fans react as the club blocks them from responding on Twitter

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Arsenal are not having a good time of things just now, but sometimes they really don’t help themselves either.

You can legitimately argue that they are in a relegation scrap unless they can find a win soon, so it’s only natural that the fans will start to get angry and possible turn against them.

We’ve seen so many times in different walks of life that simply ignoring the problem and burying your head in the sand isn’t going to help matters, so they need some string communication with the fans to fix this.

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It would probably result in rival fans mocking them and accusing them of a small club mentality, but they need to embrace their current predicament and reassure everyone that they are doing all they can to turn things round.

What they’ve actually done is act like everything is going well and they’ve even resorted to blocking responses on their tweets because they can’t handle the criticism, so it will surprise nobody to see that some of the fans are bewildered by this approach:

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  1. Our attitudes going into games is wrong we think we’ve won before we start, some players don’t care as long as they getting their thousands a week, you can see that easy on tv. Management all wrong .What did Pepe do when came on, Smith Rowe done well, Mustafi all he done more pass backs than getting ball forward,

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