Pressure intensifies on Mikel Arteta over claims Premier League rival is willing to quit his role to take over at Arsenal

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Sometimes you look at certain clubs and wonder why managers would even touch the managerial job there, but is mainly comes down to their ego believing they can succeed where others have failed and bring the glory days back.

We all know Arsenal are a huge club but if you look at their squad there’s little for opposition teams to worry about, while there’s a culture of failure among many of the players so it will take some effort to turn it all round.

It needs a strong manager who is savvy in the transfer market, has a track record of improving players and someone who understands the league, so Brendan Rodgers could be the perfect choice.

A report from The Express has indicated that Rodgers is willing to leave Leicester to take over at the Emirates if Arteta is sacked – something that seems to be drawing closer with each excruciating performance.

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It would be a bold move for Rodgers because he would immediately be giving up a Champions League chase for a relegation battle so he must feel that he’s taken Leicester as far as he can and thinks Arsenal have the resources to eventually move to the next level.

Arsenal collapsed far too easily tonight so Arteta needs them to have a strong festive period because a few more losses will see Arsenal in the relegation zone and he would surely be sacked at that point.

Rodgers has also shown in the past that he’ll happily switch jobs during the season so that shouldn’t be an issue here, but Leicester may be very reluctant to let him go.

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  1. He’d have to be mad to leave high-flying Leicester to join a club with a terrible board and too many players that are either trouble or useless

  2. We are tired of this so called MA .a coach who destroys everything.partey,martinelli,both injured reason shake coach .sack him if not go to championship side !!!!!

  3. Alex Furguson never started to well at man u he didn’t turn out too bad did he. give the man a chance.

  4. Arteta sh’d be sacked;to say that you’re building the team and loose all the games ? what is he doing rilly ? so big shame to arsenal board even how do you belie ve in Mager whith such results !

  5. cant blame MA for the insane contracts that former board & staff or managment has done and left him to sort out,,not now,,maybe after at least 3 or even 4 years with this covid shit an øzil situation,,
    and becouse they are still here some of those players witch have those contracts left,,! many have to go yes,,!
    but half of them will find there best form when they get the new right linkup player in front or behind them,.! like bellerin and pepe dont have any cordination with eatch other right now,,! abu hasnt got attacking form at all becouse there are no creative offensive midfield players behind or around him,,our style is easyer to read then a kindergarden book right now,,,! spes attacking & creative,, we aint go shit there right now,,, willcox is a player i want to try that fabregas/viera role ,,! ,, but only one new/right player at the right place could change that ,,deffesive or attacking,,! fab & vieira style player has been that missing link for us to long now,,fix that and things are moving the right way quicker at least,,..! keep MA ,,he is gonna improve arsenal,,but all improment that comes to quick never last more then a season or two maybe,,,,!! been proven by chelski,, no team has at any time gonne from a consistent 4th – 5ft – 6 possision forr 20 years,,to suddenly dominating like liverpool and city now,,!,,unless they are splashing russian oil money,,and they proved that dont work ither,,,! its a prosses with his wiev on how to get this done,,we need to stand behind MA and Edu (edu may altso not be the right man for his jobb ! ) for 3 years at least,,!, , IMO 😉

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