Video: Delightful Lionel Messi assist tees up Lenglet to give Barcelona the lead vs Valladolid

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A cross from a fairly central position isn’t really the most flashy or exciting thing you’ll ever see on a football pitch, but it’s such a hard thing to get right when you stop and think about it.

You can’t hit it too straight because your player won’t be able to get there, while the wrong angle takes your player out of the game and makes it an easy clearance for the defence.

It requires total precision to bend the ball into the space behind the defenders in a way that stops the keeper from claiming the ball while also giving your teammate something to attack, so this example from Lionel Messi is perfect:

Pictures from Select and La Liga

He makes up Lenglet’s mind with the ball and all he needs to do is generate the power. It won’t be remembered in a few weeks, but there is plenty to admire here.

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