Football team under investigation for mid-pandemic Airbnb Christmas party

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St Blazey AFC, a lower-tier football side based in Cornwall, are under investigation for breaking coronavirus rules, according to a report by the Daily Star.

Football, and the world as a whole, has been disrupted in no small part by the pandemic and the subsequent havoc.

Many in England have seen their Christmases ripped away from them at a week’s notice, with the government implementing tighter tier 4 restrictions in some parts of the country.

Completely oblivious to what’s happening on home soil, and across the world, at current, are St Blazey AFC, who as per the Daily Star, felt it appropriate to push forward with their Christmas party plans.

The report notes that the squad were kicked out of an Airbnb after ignoring repeated calls for music to be turned down and the party to be halted.

They are now under investigation, with the league looking into exactly what occurred. The Daily Star also report that they have had two fixtures cancelled for unspecified coronavirus related reasons.

Even at that level, this is totally unacceptable and seriously ignorant. People are losing their lives and their livelihoods, this is no time for boozy Christmas parties.

We hope they are punished accordingly.

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