Video: ‘It’s killing his confidence’ – O’Hara not impressed by Mourinho’s management of Tottenham star

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It shouldn’t really come as too much of a surprise that Jose Mourinho is hanging one of his players out to dry in public.

At Man United it was Paul Pogba, at Real Madrid, Iker Casillas… the list is practically endless, but it always amounts to the Portuguese deflecting the narrative onto one unlucky individual in particular.

At Tottenham, Dele Alli has been out of the first team picture for most of the season, and during their Carabao Cup win at Stoke, Mourinho still ensured that he dug out the attacking midfielder during his post-match interviews.

That didn’t sit at all well with talkSPORT’s Jamie O’Hara.

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  1. A fine line between criticism and motivation
    Let’s face it Ali has been coasting for far too long. One of those players who thinks he,s better than he actually is, like Barkley.
    Jose is harder on him because he can give far more than showboating
    Ali looked like the old Ali last night, hungry, closing down so Jose is having the desired effect but I hope it does not continue much longer
    It is up to Ali now to show he is a team player and there is no I in team. He showed last night his fantastic talent but with that talent comes team responsibility
    I see great signs of his rejuvenation on last nights performance . If he bears it out and doesn’t,t leave he will come back better

  2. I’d hoped that the whole situation with Dele was a blip and that he’d soon be playing regularly again given the talent he obviously has. But it seems that Mourinho has other ideas as he continues not only to regularly overlook Dele’s inclusion now, and when he is selected to play his tenure is both limited and restricted. It seems that Mourinho is not content to just hamper his opportunities but now is taking to openly ridicule his efforts in full public view. I think its kind of disgraceful in all honesty and I don’t believe Dele deserves the torrid treatment he appears to be getting. People keep stating that Mourinho is trying to change the mentality at Tottenham, with trophies cited as the agenda. But even if Spurs do manage to attain silverware this season, is this kind of behaviour truly acceptable? Because it feels like he’s picking on Dele specifically, it feels like bullying if I am honest, and I don’t like the taste. And lets face it with seen this all before with Mourinho Luke Shaw had an awful time when the Portuguese was managing Man Utd and I remember thinking the same then. I hate to say it but it seems like Dele is being driven out of a club he’s been an integral part of for the last few years and given his contribution for the longest time, he really deserves much better than to be treated like this. Mourinho says he wants players to be c*nts on the field and perhaps Dele just doesn’t quite fit the Mourinho mould? You wonder with all the media hype out there how much longer this can go on, and if you believe the press Dele’s already got one foot out the door… and if that turns out to be true I think it is sad day Tottenham Hotspur FC and we’ll be losing a truly gifted young player!

  3. I agree with the previous comments posted.Alli is definitely being singled out.What’s worse some supporters are buying into Mourinho’s bs about Alli being a lazy player.Never an issue under Poch why now?
    For me Alli is a better player than Le Celso and Ntombele-Mourinho’s favourites.
    Not sure why he is being singled out only Mourinho will know. It seems that he is being played,reluctantly, and when that happens it seems that the manager is lookng for a reason to take him off.
    Btw is Alli the first player this season to make a mistake that resulted in a goal.I think not. Yes the first player to get chastised publically.
    Davies causes a loss ,Kane misses a winner
    what’s the difference.
    I’ve supported Spurs for over 40 years but can’t bear to watch the sh..t every game
    Mourinho must go.He is past his sell by date,his tactics outdated and he has no man management skills.
    Besides no silverware he will be the cause of key plsyers leaving
    You supporters who have been duped by Mourinho mark my words.

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