Stat proves big mistake made by Frank Lampard during Arsenal defeat

A stat shared by Squawka epitomises what a big mistake Frank Lampard made by not bringing Olivier Giroud on this evening.

Chelsea suffered a heavy defeat to Arsenal, who headed into today’s game 15th in the Premier League table. The Gunners were there for the taking, but Lampard’s men looked completely impotent in attack, for all but the final ten minutes, when it was far too late.

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Chelsea’s only idea in terms of how to get a goal back was to desperately fling the ball into the penalty area, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t have Olivier Giroud on the pitch to get on the end of said crosses.

We say unfortunate, but that was Lampard’s decision to make all three of his substitutions without looking to Giroud, even though Chelsea were 2-0 down when he made his first and even then the Frenchman would have made the most sense.

Tammy Abraham eventually scored to end the run shown by this Squawka stat, but the point stands that Giroud is Chelsea’s most effective forward, especially away from home, and it’s mind-boggling that Lampard didn’t so much as give him a minute this evening.

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  1. Solenzo Peters says:

    I wasn’t surprised by the humiliation Chelsea received in the hands of a depleted and young arsenal side today.
    It shows Frank Lampard is not the right person to coach cfc. He lacks technical expertise, he believes so much in the english contingent at the expense of the club winning mentality.
    Please sack frank Lampard now. He has already lost four league games and cannot win against any of the top six sides.

  2. Okolo Godbless says:

    Lampard is Chelsea’s problem presently. He lacks tactics.

  3. Da Vale says:

    This Chelsea side is weak minded. Every single time they can go top or second. They blew it. Timo werner is a absolute waiste. Blew it against Everton,wolfs and now Arsenal.No matter where you play him. He can’t score. Is it the players,or is it Lampard thats not good enough. Something need to change.

  4. djholdup says:

    stereotypes Chelsea should solution now or never

  5. Chris Stephens says:

    Giroud saved Lampard’s job last year, and played well, every time he was on the pitch. He’s miles better than Abraham. Lampards not a top manager, he has to go.

    1. Colin says:

      But Abraham did get a goal back. What Lampard should have done was to replace a defender with Giroud. Can’t understand why he so insisted on keeping the formation even in the last minutes with two goals down.

  6. Dapo says:

    Lampard is not good enough to coach Chelsea sack Lampard now he prefers englsh player chiwel is not and James Chelsea spent 230 million pounds and the is struggling don’t surprise be surprised good coach will come in and the team went a head and win premier league with the same team sack Lampard

  7. YUNGBOY JOHN says:

    guy don’t put werner on this,it’s because of the big talent that he has that brought him to the wing,lampard don’t just know how to use players werner is a striker and not a winger,odoi is fit recce james and ben chiwell are both injured and not fully fit why not drop them for now,if you blames werner then play giroud or tammy on the wing and see how they good they will performe,chelsea is just too big for lampard,and his sentiment will sack him

  8. Dandume says:

    If you want win the ahead match must begin with this attack.pulisic,hudson-odoi,tammy abraham and midfield must be jorginho,kante,mount and defence is clear

  9. Taiwo says:

    Lampard will soon get sack,he’s too sentimental

  10. George says:

    Time for Lampard to move on. He lacks leadership to guide the team to winning culture. He is negative, pathetic and totally faceless during the game with no character to excite his players. Look all other Coaches when they play how they try to encourage their players. Lampard yes was one of the greatest players in our Chelsea but, NO as a Manager. Chelsea can buy all the most talented plyers on the planet but with Lampard leading his troops, let’s all wake up, NO CHANCE.

  11. Danny Clement Gray says:

    I think if we as a team is to compete for the league, we must be very decisive especially during key matches. I am of the strongest conviction that Timo Werner is misplaced, he needs that central forward role to unleash and explore his proficiency before the goal. If he has to play on the wings, then Giroud is that perfect striker who can create chances for the team and bring his teammates into play. On the contrary, Tammy is an epitome of a certified flop. I was shocked for Tammy to play 85 plus minutes without a “single shot” on target as a nine, even though he was tallest figure in the Arsenal defense!!! What a shame!!! Frank Lampard should have known this better from his playing days with Didier Drogba. That can’t happen under Jose Mou!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Adeoye Quadri says:

    Lampard is chelsea problem not Timo werner. I think werner is frustrated about playing as a winger and werner is a striker that can give Chelsea 30 or more goals Abraham can’t do that. If chelsea wants to win the league or champions league Timo werner needs to be played as a striker.


    Lampard dersaved to coach in league one not cheasea so sack him

  14. John says:

    When was the last time you saw a long pass to a breaking winger or striker from the midfield or fullbacks? Come on Frank you claim to want an aggressive front three yet leave them mired deep in the defensive zone with endless short passes back and forth in and out while the other team gleefully watches waiting for the next errant pass.

  15. Nicholas Mudanyi says:

    Werner is not a problem,,lampard is!why play Werner as a winner and yet he is a striker?You left out Giroud and opted for Abraham,,Lampard prefers to use England’s contingents even if they flop,,Chilwel and Recce James were from injuries and not fit for the game,,why field them,,,you had options from Emerson etc , Lampard must be sacked he lacks tactics and skills for a big club,,,Pochettino,Alegri etc are waiting

  16. Fatahi onibudo says:

    For a club that has spent 200 million, Chelsea have no really improved. The football is not really exciting. Always side passes. You need really dangerous ball players like Damien Duff and Arjen Robben. We need great strikers like Didier Drogba. Our midfield does not have a Roy Kean. The Chelsea players are weak and lack a winning mentality. Lampard is obsessed with playing pretty football ,but we need men. Giroud and Kante are really good players. We need more

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