Non-league game abandoned after 80 minutes because supporter wouldn’t control his Alsatian

There’s something about non-league football that’s still very honest, and, given how accessible it remains for the working man, a local match rather than an overpriced Premier League game is sometimes a viable alternative.

Of course, when one tries to compare the standard, there is no comparison between non-league and their English Football League counterparts.

For instance, a large portion of non-league players will be part-timers who’ll hold down other jobs.

Ditto the officials who will be getting a bit of pocket money for their 90 minutes at the weekend.

The tales of ‘one man and his dog’ at various non-league grounds is a legend that also holds true even today, and one Boxing Day game even had to be abandoned with 12 minutes left to play after a supporter refused to keep control of his Alsatian.

According to BBC Sport, the dog kept jumping up against the barriers to bark at players from both Leicester Nirvana FC and GNG Oadby, and the referee had simply had enough.

Whether the result will stand will be seen once the official has submitted his report.