Santos hit back at Lionel Messi surpassing Pele’s incredible record with suggestion that he’s still 447 goals short

You have to expect that historical goalscoring records will be a bit sketchy in certain places, but the claims that come out of Brazil are always the most entertaining.

Romario may be the shining example as he claimed to score over 1000 goals in his career when official records place him closer to the 700 mark, so the shortfall is often made up with claims of goals in friendlies and testimonials which don’t really count.

It was widely accepted that Lionel Messi finally broke Pele’s incredible single-club record of 643 strikes in a recent game, but Santos have since hit back to suggest that Messi still has some way to go.

As reported by MSN news, the Brazilian club have suggested that Messi is still 447 goals short of the record because Pele actually scored 1091 goals in his career, but it’s going to be impossible to actually verify what the real number is.

Brazil has a complicated system of leagues and State Championships which have varied over the years so it’s tough to establish what counts as a competitive game and what doesn’t, but it’s clear that this one is going to be disputed.

Messi is in the final years of his career so he’s never going to score the 447 goals required, so it’s probably best to simply recognise that both players will go down in the legendary category and not get bogged down in the numbers.

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  1. Dianabasi Nelson says:

    Tell Santos that records are bound to be created and broken, if KING PELE could congratulate MESSI, they have nothing to say.

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