Video: Furious Jurgen Klopp receives yellow card after heated outburst towards officials during Liverpool draw vs West Brom

In the second-half of Liverpool’s Premier League clash against West Brom this evening, Jurgen Klopp was punished for a heated outburst towards the match officials.

Klopp was left fuming after a foul went against Liverpool, with the Reds manager shouting viciously towards referee Kevin Friend.

The German also waved his arms around and  gave the officials quite the death stare so it was hardly a surprise to see Klopp booked for the incident.

With Klopp’s actions in mind, should the Liverpool boss actually have been sent off for this or was a yellow card fair and just?

Pictures from the Premier League.

Klopp often causes some controversy on the sidelines, it seemed like the officials had enough of his antics today.

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  1. Adedayo Adebayo says:

    English fa board and sm officials loves to gamble with Liverpool game. am sure if there was a proper var check on wstbrom goal it will definitely be revolked. but U see that’s EPL 4 U they does what they like “giving wining to team that deserve to lose” and lose to winner. Klopp was right am telling U that challenge was nothing to me. But kelvin foe they said friend was probably the best player tonight. Come to think of it, if Liverpool had scored that same goal tonight they will automatically look for 1 way or D other to disallow it. They never wanted Liverpool to near that EPL title. But they will fail this season because one or two trophy is coming to anfield disz season.

  2. Adedayo Adebayo says:

    Jurgen flopped was correctly a flopped tonight to have make a late sub for chamberlin even a meat seller who know that Jones was weaker in D 2nd half U cant keep ur best player on the bench and expect miracle. Liverpool nid to visit D market notin less. When playing relegation team, avoid anything area ball or crossing ( free kicks, corner kicks etc )jump when U needed to jump return all dangerous ball back to opponent half don’t allow corner kicks as the best option to relief pressure. Fulham game was better this one is nonsense.

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