Frank Lampard could be sacked if Chelsea lose tonight – with potential replacement keen to take his place

According to information shared by Bild, Thomas Tuchel would be interested in replacing Frank Lampard as Chelsea manager.

It’s incredible how quickly things can change in football, particularly at a club with Chelsea’s reputation.

A few weeks ago Chelsea were being hailed as title contenders, in the midst of a hugely impressive run of form. After three defeats in four games, all of Lampard’s work has come undone in front of his eyes.

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As per Bild, a defeat to Aston Villa tonight could see Lampard dismissed. In the event Lampard was to leave Chelsea, it’s their belief that Tuchel would be prepared to step into his shoes.

Bild appear pretty intent on forcing this link between Tuchel and Chelsea, but there’s nothing concrete to suggest that Lampard could lose his job at this point in time.

Lampard was entrusted to rebuild Chelsea’s squad and is in the preliminary stages of doing so. Getting rid now would only see Chelsea move backwards, even with Tuchel in charge.

Though, Bild are a pretty reliable source, and they seem to believe defeat tonight could spell the end for Lampard. Considering how good Aston Villa have been of late – that’s a concern.

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  1. Shausu orngu Ernest says:

    Let he go and coach Tammy & mount @ England national team.will don’t want he any more.

    1. King says:

      He so much believes in his England international players.. If loosing today will make Lampard go let’s loose

    2. Asadom Jackson says:

      U er a big fool, show support and trust no Matter what sacking is no solution example: Liverpool

      1. Abdul Salam says:


  2. Moze says:

    He should go am tired with him

  3. Mike Goma says:

    Chasing a coach it not the solution? Reason number one is, you’ll bring a new coach he’ll also come with his new systeam so for the players to catch his new tactics it wil take another better to give him chance let him work had with the players and they wil iprove

    1. Usman says:

      give him another chance hell no,please let him go

    2. BlueBlood says:

      The question is, does Lampard even have a system? He needs to go and coach smaller teams, that would be the best decision for him and the club, he needs a place with lesser pressure, this will enable him to develop better.

    3. zulu says:

      You’re dreaming if you think this players will improve some can’t but most won’t so hopefully the coach will

  4. Kpande T. Samuel says:

    He deserved to be sacked. yes because Lampard brought in Timo werner as a striker and you can agree with me that he has never test him in that position he was brought to fill in.
    Chelsea has enough wingers if they are injured the youth team has talented winger why not give the a chance and play
    Timo in his position?

    1. Ultimate says:

      Lampard has been so inconsistent with his tactics and formation. Why should a coach of his level choose to experiment his young English players at the expense of Chelsea football club?

      I believe it would have been easy to play Timo as CF, push Tammy to the right wing, and Hudson-Odoi to the left and position Pulisic through the middle to supply good balls to Timo during the second half with arsenal.

      Again, I am so surprise why Lampard cannot tell his full backs to try and bring the ball into the 18yd box, lift their head to lay good passes than those long crosses from afar.

      Transition of the ball from our defence to the final half of opponents is so slow and poor under Frank Lampard. So sad to see a former player who loved long range shots outside the 18 yard box during his playing days cannot encourage his players to do same now as a coach. He must review his tactics and do the needful asap or walk out the door of Stamford bridge.

    2. One kicker says:

      Waw am suprise for yesterday game,if am a MENDY am go and play football and leave the goal kipper.

  5. Amoho says:

    Let him go and you fool will suffer it

  6. Nazifi alex says:

    Yes I have satisfied to sack lampard at Chelsea because I unhappy with his job, pls look at how to change timo Werner from striker to winger, he gave chance to this foolish (Abraham) he didn’t doing well always

  7. Amaechi Chris says:

    Lampard is a tribalistic coach. He must be sacked for chelsea to move forward. He bought players and instead of using them in natural position, he’s miss playing just to favour England players. Playing TIMO on the wing is totally out of context, Abraham has no business up front in chelsea squad. Mount is to play from the wing or defencive midfield and make way for KAI HARVETZ at number 8 role.

  8. Latitlok says:

    Capital No!!@!! Legends are legends

    1. BullGod says:

      Lampard is the worst coach to be at Chelsea

  9. Elisha says:

    Yah to hell with Frank
    If you wanna bench timo, bench him than using him as a winger
    And also werner problem is as a striker when using you as a winger his aim is to just score
    So he need to be calm and put down the pass not to shoot unnecessary.

  10. captain lee_jr says:

    We need to calm down oo

  11. TALENT says:

    I don’t even know what’s wrong with lampard…wener is a striker which everyone knows but how lampard likely used wener as a winger i wonder… Secondly abraham is not experient striker why using him to spoil game

  12. Florentin Daingui says:

    Lampard is not a good coach to lead chelsea anyway
    With no experience and no system of playing and for chelsea is better to get someone like Tuchell or Allegri quickly to help us be in the last 4 Don t waist time even if we beat villa because the same problem will comeback again.

  13. Clinton says:

    He should stop useing the players off there position,and stop playing mason in every mach

  14. Felix says:

    Sacking lampard will breing a lot to de club but he is so much believe on tammy from the pounch man why tammy is not the solution

  15. edward says:

    Placement should be done on merit not nationality. tammy doesnt deserve first team call.

  16. Tony Nicholas says:

    Frank may have been a great player in his day but he is out of his depth as a manager at Chelsea.He is after all a rookie manager and Chelsea need an experienced man such as Kluff or Benitez.The game against Arsenal was woeful, he had no plan B.

  17. Festus says:

    we don’t need him .let us lose tonight for lampard to be sack

  18. Godwill tayerera says:

    It is a fact that Chelsea went backwards with the appointment of Lampard. Despite his legend status, his profile as a coach is not rich. since he took over there are no signs he can achieve anything at chelsea. dont compare him with klopp because i have heard many crying that chelsea should be patient like liverpool. when klopp came to liverpool he had won trophies at dortmund in germany and he was known as a team builder. from the first day at liverpool signs were there that he would achieve something at Liverpool.

    it is also fact that timo, harvertz, giroud, rudiger and cesar have proven to be good and reliable players at club and national teams. it baffles my mind when such players are played out of position or relegated or perked below mediocre players such as abraham, christensen, tomori etc for example abraham in not counted at the national team where kane , sterling , rashford, vardy, grealish fiercely compete.
    why did lampard buy timo a proven central striker if abraham was capable. just kante under sarri the timo’s confidence is at its lowest ebb because of being played out of position in order to create space for abraham.
    im dont understand why lampard is hurrying these youngesters.

  19. Kevin James says:

    Let that he go given all desires he wanted, playing players out of their position in fact Tammy doesn’t require any start at Chelsea

  20. Haruener says:

    Please don’t give him chance,just sack him out.

  21. Ochola Eric says:

    Lampard is too small to coach Chelsea. He should go back to coach derby.

  22. willis says:

    no man is perfect please lampard should not be sacked

  23. Rasheed Lampard says:

    Lanpard is not good enough to coach Chelsea fc

  24. Vincent Enganayi says:

    This time to change the goalkeeper if a keeper let in three goals sure you should change him that is where competition for places start.Also did our coach saw how energetic the Arsenal players were youth players give you the driving force and the manager must not favour anyone in the team if you play bad you need to be replaced that is why teams improve by not just playing big players.Look at James you don’t have to do still things in the box he should let the striker and maybe he was not going to score maturity is needed a good coaching to this young players

  25. Nasir says:

    Whether he win Villa or or not he deserves sack, Abraham didn’t suppose to be a starter at Chelsea by now, Giroud or suppose

  26. David says:

    Chelsea need experience coach like e.g thomas tuchel or massimilliano allegri

  27. David says:

    Chelsea need experience coach e.g thomas tuchel or maximilliano allegri

  28. Abuh godwin says:

    I don’t no what lampard is doing becuase he lead chelsea to no where i don’t no if chelsea will qoullify for eroupa

  29. ENYIDU ISAAC says:

    Lampard is not agame reader how i wish joddy morris is given to lead the boys u would see immediate impact.

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