‘Sack Koeman before New Year’ – These Barcelona fans want legend ‘sacked’ after draw against Eibar

Some Barcelona fans have called for the immediate sacking of Ronald Koeman after the side’s 1-1 draw  in tonight’s La Liga tie against Eibar.

The encounter got off to a dreadful start with Martin Braithwaite shattering his decent form with a disastrous penalty miss in just the 7th minute, he also saw a goal disallowed later.

Ronald Araujo summed up the current state of the club with a horrific error in the 57th minute which led to Kike Garcia firing Eibar into the lead.

Barcelona equalised less than 10 minutes later through a tidy Ousmane Dembele and thanks to some brilliant work by Junior Firpo in the buildup.

The Blaugrana unsurprisingly dominated the possession with 74% control, but failed to create many clear-cut chances, it was clear that they were missing Lionel Messi.

Here’s how some Barcelona supporters reacted to the performance and unsettling final result:

Eibar came into tonight’s tie in 15th place, with all respect to their hard work and effort, a Barcelona side – even without Messi – should be breezing past sides like this.

Barcelona are now seven points behind the La Liga title challengers – both of which are coming out of Madrid – to make matters even worse, leaders Atletico hold two games in hand.

Koeman’s reign as boss clearly hasn’t worked out so far, with the Dutchman replacing Quique Setien in the summer after the team’s embarrassing end to last season

Hopefully the former ball-playing centre-back’s woes at the helm won’t tarnish his legendary legacy as a player for the club, but that seems like too much to ask for in this modern day and age of football.

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  1. Abdulazeez says:

    Please sack koeman .you have to consider our filing as fans

  2. Philip says:

    sack koeman please

  3. Dan Burcea says:

    Sack Koeman!

  4. Babangida Othman says:

    Koeman has no relevance as a coach for Barcelona & who ask martins to be taken penalties, the worse set of Barca I have even seen.

  5. You Souph says:

    Koeman isn’t the right man for Barcelona…
    He should be sacked with immediate effect in order for Barcelona to make the Top 4 this Season

  6. Bana Mwinga says:

    Koeman he don’t have a legacy why getting anyone you to a Barca boss you admin. This is a foolish coach Barca ever had. Please sack him if you want the Barca name to go and fly in the sky. Please sack that Thug before it’s too late…

  7. mujeeb says:

    sack keoman please

    1. Jimmy says:

      Koeman should sacked immediately please otherwise the situation will be worse

  8. Awwal umar says:

    Keoman out

  9. John Agyapong says:

    This is the worst team Barca ever can even beat eiber,how can you beat PSG in the champions League.The players are not good. They played as if nothing as stake.They should bring good coach.

  10. Onuoha Fyneman says:

    Pls Fire Koeman If Barca Want To Champion League Next Season

  11. Kassim kipngetich says:

    Please get us Xavi as a coach…the embarassemend is too much to swallow…please koeman with all due respect just resign

  12. Quota says:

    Koeman must be sacked

  13. ADAMU SULE JATAU says:


  14. Smoky lee says:

    Fire koeman pls

  15. Alagie mbarra ndure says:

    Koeman must be sacked now

  16. Ola says:

    There is nothing in that Barcelona team please sack koeman because he is about to ruin the team

  17. Benedict Bab says:

    Koeman represents Bartomeu and his Failures since he(Koeman) was brought in under Bartomeu’s Leadership. I doubted whether Koeman and Bartomeu ever were in Barca’s interest.

    #What sense does it make to exchange Arthur for Pjanic?

    #What sense does it make to sell Puig?

    Like Bartomeu, Koeman has no vision for the club and must find his way out.

    Barca B coach is the man fit for the Job.

    1. Banda Mwinga says:

      You are very right dear. Why didn’t he also step down after seeing his bosses stepping down???

    2. Jogson msabaha says:

      you are a genius men, there are some stupid decisions made by Barca’s coach especially not including puig in the starting 11

  18. Patrick Briffa says:

    Don’t put all the blame on Koeman because after all the players are on the pitch we need a good striker and at least a good defender and they should get rid of griezmann and Brithwait and give more time to liquid puig

  19. Ahmed hamza says:

    They should sacked koeman from the team

  20. Ibrahim saleh Gagarawa says:

    Koeman must be sack.

  21. Sa'adan ya'u el-jiqasi says:

    Valverde and setien both were batter than koeman. Please tusquets sack koeman b/c election

  22. Yakubu muhammad blg says:

    Koeman must be sacked before january please

  23. Armstrong says:

    some players contract should be terminated and the coach should be fired.

  24. Prince says:

    Yes, Koeman is my legend but he look unfit to lead the team..

  25. alhaji haladu says:

    We don’t need you coeman.

  26. Jimmy Uazunga says:

    Koeman should be sacked with immediate effect please. He totally not the right man for barca please

  27. Fada AB says:

    Koeman should sack himself before we sack him. He’s not worth being a coach, he doesn’t have first eleven either.

  28. Fred Peter says:

    Koeman is an average coach

  29. Iliyasu says:

    Seriously barca board have to sack koeman before the new year.he lack confidence and his formations was totally incorrect for a world best team like Barcelona.

  30. Ismail jibril says:

    Sack koeman before he sell puig please

  31. NURA A FARI says:

    This is very bad situation for barca, Coeman must go.

  32. Vvmagic says:

    He needs to be sacked not the right one for us, he taking us back to grasd

  33. michael mashi says:

    Koaman out

  34. Yakubu suleman says:

    Yes koeman and grezman have to leave b4 new year

    1. Aliyu Ibrahim says:

      Yes sack koeman

  35. Yakubu suleman says:

    Yes koeman and grezman have to leave b4 new year just sack them

  36. Andrew Binda says:

    You Are Right My Eriend.Why Is Koeman Refusing To Use Puig?

  37. Ibrahim says:

    Pls move away from 3 5 2. 4 2 3 1.move back to our. 4 3 3

  38. saleh adamu says:

    Koeman,braithwite and griezman should leave barca, because its not their fathers club.

  39. MASA UD says:

    WE need R.Koeman at the club

  40. Jamilu kundila snn says:

    Barca for life

  41. Abdulmalik Inuwa Abubakar says:

    sack koeman is the best solution because he is taking site and he was just come to kill us I love the young best r.piug and pedri

  42. Muhammad shema says:

    Please sack koeman before New year
    We can’t win any title if we continue like this

  43. Sg says:

    To hell with braithwite and griezman. Both of them don’t have talent for football just quit football ne be forced

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