Video: “I actually think they got promoted because of Covid” Leeds United provoke Twitter storm after publicly challenging comments from Karen Carney

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One of the reasons we all love football is because we can all have our opinion and argue about every aspect of the game, but it’s absolutely fair to say that some pundits are better than others.

Karen Carney is usually a good pundit and she definitely adds to the BBC’s version of Soccer Saturday where they cover the lives scores on a Saturday, but she did make some comments tonight that Leeds fans will not agree with.

There’s rarely anything newsworthy in the fact that a pundit has made a bold and potentially uninformed opinion because it happens on every single football show, but this has become a bit messy tonight after Leeds United started a pile on with a Twitter post about it:

If you use Twitter then you’ll know it’s full of nameless people who hide behind fake profiles and make horrific comments so it’s definitely turned ugly, but it does set an interesting precedent when it comes to this kind of thing.

There are immediate accusations against Leeds from those who suggest they’ve done this because of her gender but they are just sticking up for themselves so that can’t be criticised, but some of the comments going around are utterly deplorable.

Marcelo Bielsa’s sides are famous for running out of steam due to his intensive demands so it’s understandable that the criticism is often levelled at him, but Leeds were flying before the break and won the Championship easily so it’s hard to agree with the suggestion that they were only promoted because of Covid.

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  1. So many lazy pundits out there who don’t know their facts about Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa when making stupid comments. If you prepared to say something daft about the club then expect the backlash & learn from it going forward. Other factors regarding Leeds United losing out on promotion in MB’s first season was a horrendous injury list, appalling refereeing decisions in certain games and lady luck deserting the team like the 36-6 attempts against a 10 Wigan team who won 2-1 at ER. I’m tired of all the so-called footballing pundits who can’t even accept that Paddy Bamford touched the ball before been clattered by the Burnley goalkeeper for the penalty in Sunday’s game – all the angles proved that so Specsavers should be calling them in for eye tests because they clearly going BLIND – disgraceful

  2. Are people now not allowed to challenge stupid and insulting comments because they came from the mouth of a women?

    Leeds were correct in what they did and should be applauded. It is Carney who should apologise for her insulting comments.

    If Carney cannot take criticism she should consider her position.

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