Video: Leicester City star accused of deliberately targeting Marcus Rashford’s ongoing shoulder injury

Did Leicester City’s Harvey Barnes deliberately target Marcus Rashford’s ongoing shoulder injury during the two sides’ 1-1 draw at the weekend?

That’s a suggestion made by one fan who shared footage of the incident on TikTok.

As reported by the Guardian earlier in the month, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has previously detailed how Rashford has a shoulder injury which is taking some time to clear up in it’s entirety.

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Perhaps in another sport Rashford wouldn’t be able to compete during this period of recovery, but scarcely in football does your shoulder come into play.

Unless, of course, one of your opponents tugs at it.

That’s what happened during Man United’s trip to Leicester City at the weekend, with the Foxes’ Harvey Barnes appearing to grab and pull at Rashford’s shoulder. See the clip below.

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It’s difficult to suggest there being any real intent here from Barnes. The incident happened at such a speed and it would have been incredibly calculated and cruel for him to target Rashford in this manner.

These things happen in football – it’s a contact sport, after all. It looks as though Rashford just got a little unlucky here. Let’s hope it didn’t worsen the damage.

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  1. LCFCFoxes says:

    What a load of rubbish, does this guy sign up to alien conspiracies as well?
    Welcome to contact sport, do you think that you should run uninterrupted without anyone stopping you because your Manure Utd?
    Getting their own way has become a common theme for scousers and Manure on the pitch or by trying to change the league rules off it.

    Welcome to a new dawn, a new era where teams are catching and overtaking you

    1. Michael says:

      What would shoulder got to do with running uninterrupted? People don’t tackle or run with their shoulders or hands. Football should remain sports and entertainment, not politics or rabid hatred / tribalism.

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