English football faces a two-week ‘circuit break’ as rising coronavirus cases causing concern

The footballing authorities in England are rapidly reaching a tipping point because of rising coronavirus cases in the game.

After the Premier League announced a record 18 positive test results this week, and in light or recent postponements of games, a two-week ‘circuit break’ for the game is being considered according to the Daily Mail.

The outlet note that the Government have held informal talks with stakeholders, but as of this moment there is no directive to halt the season.

However, clubs that are lower down the football pyramid are believed to see another stoppage as inevitable, the Daily Mail note.

The leagues, in consultation with the Government, really do need to make a decision sooner rather than later, given how many clubs are now being severely affected.

The financial cost is obvious, but that shouldn’t really be a concern when we are talking about the potential loss of human life.

A reset after a half season that has been incessant may not be a bad thing for clubs either.