These Spurs fans want Fulham ‘fined’ and ‘3 points’ awarded after Covid-19 outbreak sees Premier League tie postponed

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Some Tottenham Hotspur supporters have demanded that the Premier League award Jose Mourinho’s side three points after tonight’s tie against Fulham was postponed due to a Covid-19.

Football.London’s Alasdair Gold first broke news of the fixture’s cancellation just after 2.30pm on Wednesday, this comes after the Athletic reported that Fulham suffered an outbreak within their squad.

Gold also tweeted later on Tuesday afternoon that Spurs have been left very ‘unhappy’ by the handling of this situation, with the tie cancelled just three-and-a-half-hours before kick-off was scheduled.

That was just when Gold and the Athletic initially reported the news, official statements from the top-flight and both clubs came some time after.

Here’s what some Spurs supporters have made of the ordeal:

It seems despicable that some Spurs fans have disregarded the severity of this moment and have called for Fulham to be fined and also their side to be awarded the three points.

Regardless of how the outbreak occurred, the initial thoughts of all football supporters – and everyone involved with the game – should be for the good health and recovery from anyone affected – not the ordeal being used as a literal moment to point score.

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  1. I’ve been a Spurs fan since the mid 50s, but fining Fulham for COVID related issues is a really stupid idea.

  2. Would these crying spurs babies say to give Fulham the pts if they had called the game off. Not a chance they would still say they should get the pts utter babies.

  3. It’s really quite shocking seeing Spurs fans acting like this.
    I’m pretty sure none of the Fulham players or anyone associated with the club wanted COVID neither be in this situation – and the late nature of the game was due to a certain amount of their players suffering late from this, from a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!! Which.., one can suffer from at immediate notice and immediately affect everyone around. They would’ve lodged a request with the league within regulations.

    The thoughts of all fans – Tottenham and Fulham, should be with wishing Fulham players and staff a speedy recovery, not wishing them fined and forfeiting the 3 points.
    NO WAY would the fans calling for fines and points to be awarded to Spurs would be happy if it were Spurs who got forced to postpone.
    To act this way is abhorrently selfish when the rest of us recognise that we need to band together right now.

  4. Surely the health and safety of potentially hundreds of people ( both clubs staff, media and staff families ) is more important that a football match ? Or are Spurs worried we will beat them in the rearranged fixture? Funny that the athletic and Mourinho failed to mention Spurs also had 3 positive tests themselves . Mourinho is a hypocrite

  5. These people are completely stupid, giving three free points away when they have illness is disrespectful. How can you seriously say that Fulham should have said it before, if they are sick and didn’t know it and had to wait a few hours before the game, plonkers the whole lot

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