“He’s not a good guy” – Arsenal legend rips divisive Gunners star to shreds

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Arsenal legend Liam Brady has ripped into Mesut Ozil and defended manager Mikel Arteta for axing him from his squad this season.

Ozil has long been a divisive figure at the Emirates Stadium and it’s intriguing to see how this saga will end as the German playmaker is somewhat bizarrely left to sit at home collecting his huge wages.

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Many Arsenal fans will feel Ozil deserves more of a chance due to the lack of creativity in this team, with Arteta’s bold decision not exactly looking like a risk that’s paid off so far.

A lot of Gooners, however, will also feel this is the right move and that Ozil should have been dropped a long time ago, which seems to be Brady’s view.

The Irishman was one of the Gunners’ best players for a number of years during the 1970s, so he should know a thing or two about what it takes to shine for the north London club.

Speaking on the Keys and Grady podcast, as quoted by Chris Wheatley on Twitter, Brady made it clear he backed Arteta over Ozil, suggesting the 32-year-old only had himself to blame for his situation.

“I don’t blame Arteta over Ozil,” Brady said. “He gave Ozil plenty of chances and he performed for a couple of months. Ozil just reverted back to type.

“He’s not a good guy in the dressing room, he’s not a good guy on the pitch. I’ve no problem with Mikel bombing him.

“(Ivan) Gazidis should have let him go on a free three years ago and we should have spent what we are paying him over three years, £50m? – that we could have invested in a good young player instead of having him around the place.”

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  1. How does Brady know Ozil is not a good man in the dressing room? Made up story?? Is Brady casting doubts on Ozil’s character?

  2. Brady is another never-Ozil man. Of course he has no clue of Ozil’s character in the dressing room. Everything I read say the players enjoy his company on the pitch and off. Give it a break Brady. You’re like a bad wine that’s gone to seed.

    1. liam brady knows a lot more about football than you do son.your last comment tells me that you never saw him play either.

  3. Oh I’m sure Mr. Brady knows a lot more about football than humble me. And, yes, he was before my time. However, playing football does not make one a judge of character. Obviously, he as well as yourself have no sense of character. If you did, you wouldn’t be making statements that have no basis. Still to the game, not character in the dressing room deformed which you have no clue.

    1. He ran the youth academy before Mertesacker. He knows what goes on around team well. He was an insider, not an outside pundit.

      1. Knowing that about Brady makes me have even less respect for the Arsenal brass who placed him in charge of the youth group. At the very least he should keep his nonsensical comments to himself, not in public. Just makes him look like another moronic self-described expert. We have too many around already.

  4. Where’s Brady getting his info from? Just guesswork? Accodding to The Telegraph Özil is one of the best players in training…. and that’s the latest from a good source.
    Shame that an ex AFC player should not support a current club player.

  5. Agree, Alf. Brady wishes he had the talent that Özil possesses. Just another case of footballing envy.

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