Rumours claim Premier League Covid outbreak was fuelled by 19-player Christmas party

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It has been alleged that a Christmas party could be to blame for the current outbreak of positive covid tests in the Premier League.

Every club has issued their players with guidelines and appropriate protocols, but they may have fallen on deaf ears, if unconfirmed reports circulating on social media are correct.

Multiple unverified accounts are suggesting that a Premier League footballer organised a huge Christmas bash, which included the attendance of 19 players from the English top-flight.

It has also been suggested that some flew in from other countries especially for the occasion.

Some have claimed that 11 of the alledged ‘naughty 19’ were among those whose tests caused the postponements of the Everton vs Man City and Tottenham vs Fulham games.

It must be stressed that at present no official comment has been made by any player or club. At the time of writing, these are just rumours speading on Twitter. And it could be the first major piece of FaKe NeWs in 2021.

But if the rumours are later proved to be accurate, there will surely be serious repercussions for those involved and a lot of paperwork for the FA!

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