Video: VAR has another howler as Paul Pogba blatantly CHEATS officials into giving Man United a penalty

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Manchester United were awarded a second-half penalty against Aston Villa this evening, but was it at all justified? 

We would prefer not to focus on dodgy officiating by those on the field and watching via VAR in wake of what was a brilliant game of football, but this is just too difficult to ignore.

Paul Pogba fell to the floor under challenge in the Aston Villa penalty area, with VAR looking multiple times at the replay before awarding a penalty, which was converted by Bruno Fernandes.

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The issue is – Pogba came under challenge from himself. The Frenchman appeared to trip himself before falling to the floor and tricking the officials into awarding a penalty.

Take a look for yourself.

Pictures courtesy of the Premier League

VAR was brought in to assist referees to come to the correct decisions, but here, after viewing the incident several times in slow motion, it’s come to the wrong one.

Pogba clearly trips over his own leg in a blatant attempt to win a penalty for his side – and when referees continue to reward players from cheating in this manner, who can blame him?

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  1. You wanna have your eyes checked mate!!! Pogbas leg is clipped! Let me guess? Another bin dipper with an agenda?

  2. Manchester United controversy true or not sells stories. We all can see that he was clipped. This article is Click bait. Non story here. Move along folks.

  3. Shut up you moron he was tripped by the defender, are you a referee? The referees that make those decision are QUALIFIED referees var is looked at by a QUALIFIED referee, if this had been Chelsea, Liverpool or man city would you have wrote this article get a f**king grip var isn’t going away anytime soon it was a fantastic game of football and united deserved all 3 points

    1. Qualified referee’s that have been proven to consistently make mistakes ??? might want to look in the mirror. The moron will be staring back at you

    2. Idiot hiding bad language with * some united fans don’t know how to respond with civil comments

  4. Clearly you are biased against United, the defender clipped Pogba and that then caused his left leg to tangle with his right leg. You obviously chose to show the picture that suits your biased opinion.

  5. If a UTD player had clipped” a Villa player and a penalty given , no one would bat a eyelid” UTD should have scored at least 4 , Villa got off lightly !

  6. When Salah dives for a Penalty,the media just shrugs its shoulders” when UTD get a few its a Stewards Inquiry “

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