‘Complete nonsense’ – West Ham’s Karren Brady refutes suggestion that Premier League clubs had discussed two-week break

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The sharp rise is positive coronavirus test results has to be a concern to everyone, whether or not we are referring to sport.

That testing in the Premier League has been showing a similar upward curve is believed to have been behind suggestions that all 20 clubs had discussed, and decided against, implementing a two-week ‘circuit breaker,’ designed to bring the numbers back down again.

However, West Ham’s Karren Brady has denied that any such meeting had ever taken place.

“I was confused this week when I read that Premier League clubs were considering a two-week “circuit breaker”  in the season over fears of Covid-19 outbreaks causing chaos,” she wrote in her column for The Sun.

“It was complete nonsense. It has never been discussed or been raised by ANY club in any of our multiple PL meetings and there are no plans to discuss it.

“Our fixture list is already congested and our priority is to finish the season as long as it is safe to do so. And we ALL think it is safe to do so.”

Clearly, someone has been telling porkies, though there are more important things in play than trying to weedle out someone for spreading falsehoods.

The Premier League as an organisation and the clubs as a collective need to maintain the high standards of discipline regarding the coronavirus protocols that they’ve set to this point.

Equally, should things take a turn for the worst more generally, they need to be on board with another shutdown if required.

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