“Somebody save this club” – These Chelsea fans plead for Frank Lampard replacement after first half thumping vs Man City

One of the strangest things about Frank Lampard’s time in charge of Chelsea was how tough it was to determine if he was actually a good coach, but it’s starting to become clear that he’s not cut out for the elite level.

They keep throwing money at the team in an effort to give him such a strong squad that his tactical deficiencies can’t be shown up, but they’ve been thumped by a Covid-hit Man City team in the first half today.

City are simply cutting through the Chelsea defence at will and Lampard might even consider himself to be lucky that it’s only 3-0, so there will be serious questions asked about his future now.

Plenty of the Chelsea supporters have had enough at this point, and they are pleading for a change to be made:

It looks like the goodwill he built up as a player is growing thin and he could even damage his legendary status with the club if this goes on much longer, so it might be wise to let him go and bring in an experienced replacement who should be able to get more out of the squad.

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  1. peter says:

    Sack lampard now ooo bring allegri pls before i course this club

    1. Dav Ferdinand T says:

      nuno Da Espirito
      lampard is a waste of time

  2. Isah Abubakar Sudangi says:

    i dont know what to said. but since day 1, i always said lampard cant win trophy for my beloved chelsea.

    1. Basiil says:

      The earlier the better, sack lampard now that we can still compete for the top four

  3. Maleek says:

    Please we need another coach Roman

  4. Johnson milhan says:

    Sack lampard now
    Dis evening
    Giroud did not start imagine
    Ziyech striking
    He has not even found the players main positions in de club
    Sack him
    Bring in tuchel please

  5. David says:

    Lampard out we are tired of him

  6. Dan Roche says:

    The man was a legend of a player
    But with an inexperienced assistant at elite level and a few old players as training assistants the poor guy just isn’t a premier league manager and hasn’t helped himself crowding in more inexperienced people
    Time to go mate

  7. Alex says:

    Ko ni da fun gbogbo yin….. Are you guys playing with our feelings now. Is CFC a club or a playground.

  8. Mubarak isah lailaba says:

    Sack lampard allegri in

  9. Brighton says:

    lampard cant lead chelsea he dont know his first eleven he is still gambling.

  10. Mohamed Hamana says:

    Sack the manager before will be late.

  11. Victor ibe says:

    sack Lampard he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Chelsea coach

  12. Edward says:

    Lampard need’s to be sack now please Roman

  13. Abubakar Hamidu says:

    Bring better coach sack this mumu lampard

  14. Martins says:

    a bunch of players with an inexperienced coach. please sack him now and bring Allegeri.

  15. Kevin Tarus says:

    Chelsea used to take trophies using counter attack that’s why lambard can’t make a win over big games because h is game is good of possessions.i think for me the best replacement is wolves coach then if not accessible let’s allow tuchel or Allegri

    1. Mugi says:

      Yeah Nuno can work

  16. Gabriel says:

    I don’t think Lampard can manage and pull up Chelsea into top of the table in near future. I believe that the problem is on the player side and I do not agree to replace Lampard. He should be given more time. Look at Manchester United. Ole can be sacked during last month due to the bad results at the beginning. But they are now at the 2nd place of the table. Mikel Arteta was in the same situation, too.

    1. Nelson says:

      Good one I support you.

    2. Stuart Tibber says:

      As an Arsenal fan I concur. This whole “it’s our right to win (trophies)” is a reflection of today’s spoilt, selfish and self centered generations. Not getting what we want is part of life. Get on with it. Every team has their moment(s) and will again. Without losses the wins mean nothing!

  17. LUKIBISI says:

    let him leave in peace before it gets worse, just go Lampard Goooooooooooo, you’re too young and inexperienced to be a CFC Coach

  18. Taiwo Bamidele says:

    Abroamovich! HELPPPPPPPPPP! We need your double-edge axe on Lampard. He’s lack basic coaching skills. Chelsea the strongest squad in the league, and here we are stuck in the “wonderland” of how did we get here?

  19. Taiwo says:

    Please we need new coach

  20. Martins says:

    The very day he was hired as chelseafc manager I said chelseafc would be relegated. We pleading with chelseafc board SACK LAMPARD. The players are not playing with swagger. #sackLampard

  21. sombaby says:

    we do not need him again sack him and get us a good coach pls lampard is not good for chelsea let him look for small team and coach them

  22. Lukman Bashiru says:

    Hero To Zero.Lampard Era Pls Go

  23. BOAZ WAMWENGE says:

    Lampard is not competent enough to coach a top club like Chelsea, please Roman do what you’re good at.

    1. NOL says:

      lets give him some time

  24. Lam Ruach says:

    Enough is enough for Lampard! We need changes as soon as possible. Lamp had asked our patiences, but now it is over. Lampard has similar sounded like, but it remains thin in the air now!! Lampuar

  25. emmanuel says:

    lampard must be sacked we don’t need those results,bring in tuchel lampard dont know how to use players

  26. Gaddi says:

    Lampard is not a coach how do you lose against the toffees, Arsenal out of 21points he gets 7 Chelsea are stuck i see my team playing championship next season all the way we going down and fast

  27. Stanley says:

    Sack lampard i plead he should go and learn more may be in the future we will need him for now the team is biger than him he should be sacked before thing get more worst

  28. George says:

    All games demonstrate unequivocally that Lampard lacks strategy, tactical development and alternative plans when opposition coaches have study their play method. He is not capable for a premiere league coaching at all. Period

  29. john says:

    Allegri in lampard out

  30. charles Nyabuto says:

    lndeed Frank Lampard is a player and by the moment he can’t manage Chelsea.Am unhappy coz l like the club most since form one 2009 up to now.kindly look for another manager Chelsea boss to help.charles Nyabuto

  31. FREDY MCHELC says:

    How can you start with Timo “and Giroud is out there? what the hellllll???????

  32. Lesley says:

    Sack lampard before it’s late

  33. Yaqub Gambo says:

    Is sacking Lampard the solution to our poor run of form? Be patient please

  34. Golden Jackz says:

    Let him go before next week! Other wise i wll stop going to watch football until Lampard is sack!

    1. Wycliffe Mbogo says:

      Watch the next game only. The opponent is soft and beatable.

  35. Friday Daniel says:

    I think it’s time for Lampard to go. Dis results is too bad and it is not acceptable.

  36. Sir Jek says:

    This is beyond legendary stuff. Lampard can’t coach Chelsea: seeing that he is less-experienced (i.e he is a novice in the task so, Lampard out, Tuchel in.

  37. Amaechi levi says:

    Lampard out kai havrtz pulisic zyech low players not fit to be in Chelsea shirt.

  38. Oluwadamilare says:

    Sack Lampard now and bring Tuchel or Nangelsmann
    I don’t want Allegri as well he only play defensive game

  39. Amaechi levi says:

    Lampard out kai havrtz pulisic zyech low players not fit to be in Chelsea shirt. Pls post it I am not happy this night.

  40. Jaramogi Ryse says:

    Tuchel in Frank out, Allegri plays more deffensive game but anyway, better than the less tactician Frank… #FRANKOUT

  41. Tunde says:

    Sack lampard we don’t want to see him again
    Employ allegri

  42. Roberto says:

    Sarri Back!
    PS: He is quitting smoking

  43. Cliff ongeri says:

    until the time we will be relegated it’s when lampard will be sacked I really miss that ruthless Roman of 2010s

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