Arsenal finally make their decision on what to do with Mesut Ozil

It’s been one of the longest-running sagas of the season, but it appears that the noise surrounding Mesut Ozil’s plight at Arsenal may soon be over.

That’s because as The Athletic (subscription required) – cited by the Daily Mirror – have noted that the Gunners have now made their decision on the player.

Unfortunately for the midfielder it isn’t good news.

Ozil hasn’t played in almost a year, and the north Londoners believe that it will take him too long to get match fit again, so they intend to keep him sidelined.

Realistically, what that means is that unless Ozil decides to pack his bags in January, he’ll spend the rest of the season doing as he has for the first-half of the campaign: train with no chance of playing.

On a reported £350,000 per week and the highest earner at the club, Ozil may well dig his heels in to spite the club and see out the remainder of the season by still getting paid by Arsenal for doing absolutely nothing.

It would reflect badly on him, though he’ll surely not be too bothered if he knows he can get a deal elsewhere in the summer.

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  1. YIGA SOLOMON says:


    1. ghazer says:

      whoever says ozildid nothing on pitch doesn`t knw football .. how many games did arsenal lose when he played and how many did we win when he was off pitch…

  2. Livingstone says:

    We should first understand the root cause of this……

  3. Alf Nunes says:

    AFC fans deserve to know the real reason as to why Özil has been frozen out. The club has gone through some bad results recently despite having talent available and not used.
    ‘Footballing reasons’ is not the real excuse given for keeping Özil sidelined.

  4. Burhan says:

    The real reason for sidelining Mesut Ozil despite being fit and training with all the other players every single week in week out and showing his quality skills as well in training sessions is that Mesut Ozil has raised his voice against inhumanity and injustice that’s going on with the Uighur Muslim community in China. By supporting Uighurs online and taking a stand for them with solidarity Arsenal lost a majority of support in China.You can Google it and you’ll get all information about this article.

    1. Alf Nunes says:

      Yes, very much likely. But for the club to state ‘footballing’ reasons is to show dishonesty to the club fans. It also ignores the basic human principles as you say ….. because of the loss of the Chinese market. Its all about money in the end. Perhaps the owner has a final say here?
      Özil has been exemplary in doing charity work and medical support for the needy, not only in overseas countries but crucially in the UK, including providing welfare support during the current pandemic.

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