Tottenham sensationally CONFIRM WhatsApp rumours of the government’s grand ‘Wembley Lasagna’ plans

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The Wembley lasagna IS real. Almost a year on from when rumours began to circle of the government’s grand plan to tackle the coronavirus crisis, Tottenham have let the cat out the bag.

If you aren’t up to speed with the government’s lasagna plans at the home of English football, it’s probably because you’re not an avid WhatsApp user.

Every man and his dog was forwarded messages including manufactured coronavirus information at the start of the crisis, with some looking to take advantage of the nation’s fear.

One man, identified by ITV as Billy McLean, 29 from London, tried to brighten the mood by recording a voice note which explained that his sister’s boyfriend’s brother, who works for the MoD, told him of the government’s grand plans to cook a giant lasagne at Wembley Stadium in order to keep the nation fed.

Now, that was last March, yet still we’re waiting on our slice of the lasagna. We were close to chalking it of as yet another promise that Boris Johnson failed to deliver on – but at the eleventh hour, and coinciding with a new national lockdown, the first picture of the lasagna has been revealed.

Tottenham, who booked their spot in the Carabao Cup final with a win over Brentford tonight, will be heading to Wembley in the Spring – or rather, they were scheduled to.

The latest aerial photo of Wembley in all it’s glory suggests that the FA might want to be looking into alternative locations, for sat on the Wembley turf, within those famous walls, is the Wembley Lasagna.

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