Premier League announces season-high number of positive coronavirus cases

The Premier League has reported a season record number of positive coronavirus cases in their latest round of testing, as Sky Sports report.

A countrywide lockdown was announced just yesterday in England by Prime Minister Boris Johnson after a sharp rise in coronavirus cases linked to the new variant of the disease.

However, the initial guidance was that elite level sports, such as the Premier League, would be allowed to continue – hence why the Carabao Cup semi-finals, the first of which takes place tonight, are still to go ahead.

It remains to be seen at what point the stance within both the government and the FA will change, though, as cases reported by Premier League clubs are continuing to rise.

As reported by Sky Sports, a season record number of 40 positive cases have been returned in the latest round of testing, which includes all members of staff – not just players.

It’s hardly ideal, and may well be a sign of what’s to come if nothing changes, but you have to think it’s still short of what would be required to stop football in it’s tracks for a second time.