Iconic USWNT star Alex Morgan tests positive for coronavirus after spending Christmas with TEN family members

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Iconic USWNT star Alex Morgan has confirmed via Twitter that she has tested positive for coronavirus, having spent time with her family over the Christmas period.

Morgan took to Twitter to inform her followers of the news, revealing that she had travelled back to California to celebrate Christmas with her loved ones, perhaps not the smartest thing to have done in the midst of a global pandemic.

The evidence is pretty conclusive, too – if the below photo is as it seems. Perhaps the most high-profile female footballer on the planet, appears to be showing blatant disregard for the social distancing guidelines that are there to protect us.

Morgan has recently departed Tottenham, so that’s one less coronavirus case that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to worry about, but the example that she sets goes further than just the states, hence why it is so ignorant of her to have made these choices over the Christmas period.

Of course, we would never wish coronavirus upon her or any of her family and hope that they all recover quickly. There is a lack of sympathy where it would usually be had, though. This is entirely self-inflicted.

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