Arsenal fans may need to reduce their transfer expectations over news of £120m funding

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Arsenal struggled to complete transfers in the summer due to a lack of funds so it was always going to be interesting to see what they did in January.

It’s possibly fair to say that the need to make some panic signings has disappeared after a run of victories has propelled them away from relegation, so it could be a season to take stock and give some young players a consistent run of games in the first team.

That doesn’t mean the fans weren’t expecting any business to happen and they could still make some signings, but this news suggests they just don’t have the money to complete any giant deals:

They won’t be the only club to be in this situation but the fact that the loan needs to be repaid with interest suggests it’s desperately needed, while there are some angry fans who are wondering why their wealthy owners aren’t stepping in to help out.

You also have to think this will hinder them in the summer so it could take a few years to return to a normal financial footing, so it’s probably worth tempering your expectations if you support the club.

There has since been an update where it appears The Bank Of England themselves would not be happy if this money ends up being used for transfers:


  1. Just to reiterate, we spent £120m on Pepe plus Lacazette. And, yes, we got Willian on a Free but are paying him over £10m per annum. We have allowed the club to get legged over by Agents and other Clubs. This includes the much regretted £350K per week for Ozil.
    A lot of our problems are down to current and previous Senior Management.

  2. Why should we temper expectations? We are a football club, buying and selling players is part of the business of being a football club,…….. so isn’t doing business a reason for getting big loans????

    1. Interesting point, further reports now saying this money is purely intended to preserve current jobs so spending it on new signings probably won’t go down well.

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