Real Madrid star’s career COULD BE OVER if he’s found guilty after he’s ordered to stand trial in sex tape case

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The potential criminal case against Real Madrid star Karim Benzema for his part in a blackmail plot against former French international Mathieu Valbuena has been touted for years, but it looks like it’s finally being brought to court.

A report from Goal has confirmed that Benzema is set to face a trial over a charge of conspiracy to blackmail, although the date for the trial hasn’t actually taken place.

Some of the details are sketchy, but it sounds like someone obtained a sex-tape featuring Valbuena and then started to threaten him, while Karim Benzema comes in with suggestions that one of the gang doing this was a childhood friend.

It’s then alleged that Benzema approached Valbuena about this and that’s how he’s been caught up in it, but the report carries quotes from Benzema’s lawyer who vehemently denies any guilt.

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This case has already cost Benzema his international career as he hasn’t been selected for the national team since 2015, but you also have to wonder if his entire career could be finished if he’s found guilty here.

Blackmail isn’t exactly a minor crime and there are serious suggestions that he would face jail time over this, while he turned 33 at the end of last year so he doesn’t have a lot of playing time left.

Hopefully the court case will end years of rumours and accusations about what may have happened, but if Benzema is found guilty and ends up in jail then it’s hard to see him playing professional football again.

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