“I have no intention of responding” – Arsenal loanee William Saliba’s comments suggest he’s not happy with Mikel Arteta at all

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It’s always strange when a manager appears to pick on one particular player in an attempt to show their disciplinarian side, but you do have to wonder if Mikel Arteta is going to drive William Saliba away from Arsenal.

It’s an odd situation because he’s highly rated and it looks like a lot of the fans wanted him to get a chance, but it’s still not really clear if he’s good enough for the Premier League just now.

Mikel Arteta’s comments would suggest that he isn’t but Saliba has looked solid in Ligue 1 with Saint-Etienne and his Nice debut was encouraging, so it’s a strange stance for the Spaniard to take.

He’s publicly criticised Saliba on multiple occasions despite protecting some of the senior players who are a waste of a shirt, and Saliba’s comments during his presentation at Nice suggest his relationship with Arteta is not good at all:

It’s worth remembering that Arsenal refused to extend his loan spell last season by one more game which meant Saliba didn’t get to play in the cup final, and the reports at the time suggested Saliba was upset by that.

Forcing him to return early just looks even more cruel when you see they never had any intention of giving him a chance in the first team, while you can also see in his comments that he’s taking the high ground and not getting involved in a slagging match with the boss.

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That’s a good PR move on Saliba’s part because the entire situation reflects well on him and badly on Arteta and Arsenal, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the summer when the loan spell ends.

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  1. Arteta you are racist because you refused to give Saliva a game time because you know if you feature him he will prove wrong but that not withstanding we see you next season by then people will understand what I am talking unless you change otherwise you will be exposed we are watching till then

  2. Arteta has persisted with the old players that have passed their best for too long, which led to Arsenal dropping to 15th position in the premier league table. He had been overly cautious in exposing young talents, until, his job was put on the line by the consistent poor performances of his experience favorites. Having no other choice, Arteta, finally got more youngsters playing together in the team, hence, Arsenal have won three consecutive games since. A crucial nine points, which saw Arsenal move up the table to 11th position. To judge a player ,who was out of the game for six months on one performance was unfair. With the current stock of center backs at Arsenal, which lacks quality, while, a few injured, Arteta should have given Saliba chances,especially in the Europa cup league squad,but, he chose not to register him instead. Saliba, who, was voted as one of the best young talents in Europe ,is a much better talent than a number of the defenders at Arsenal, period. Arteta bias treatment of players Arsenal bought under Emery reign, with the exception of Luis and Martinelli are blatant. Just hope that Saliba will be injury free in this loan spell, so that he can regain his form and confidence, before his return to Arsenal next season. Arteta may or may not be there. Also, the likes of Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac and Chambers will be sold or out of contract, therefore, Saliba, will be registered in premier league and Europa cup league squads and have opportunities to play. Whether, it’s under a new manager or Arteta. l urge and encourage Saliba to focus on improving his fitness ,skills and pace, as well as being consistent in the quality of his performances, whenever he is given an opportunity to play. Just prove Arteta wrong, please.

    1. To my understanding of coaching its not what you like is what works and as a teacher you don’t chose who is passing or not you guide all of them the same and give them chances equally yes they are those with a lot of energy and potential and some with skill and experience but you put them one box to fix a solution no side no undermining others and really to me all young stars should be given first hand priority to improve on they games and mature on the level where they are and not for a coach to sideline them and……

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