‘Treated like guinea pigs’ – Fulham player’s fury at games continuing despite multiple coronavirus outbreaks

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Despite more and more coronavirus outbreaks coming to light at football clubs up and down the country, the game continues apace.

The authorities appear keener than ever to progress as many games and competitions as possible in the event that there is an eventual full-scale postponement of fixtures because a tipping point has been reached.

With the entire country in lockdown, one Fulham player has broken ranks and really let rip because of games being allowed to continue.

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“How many more outbreaks and training ground closures until football needs to stop!!!!” Fulham’s Kevin McDonald noted on his Instagram account, detailed by the Daily Mail.

“Shambolic!! Literally treated like guinea pigs!!!”

It does beggar belief, quite frankly, that with so many clubs now being forced to shut their training grounds, why the authorities are trying to push through in the hope that, perhaps, it somehow all goes away.

McDonald is well within his rights to voice his concerns, but it seems as though it will fall on deaf ears.

At what point does football say enough is enough though?

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