Arsenal youngster fires back at Arteta and knew writing was on the wall for him immediately

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Although it was believed that William Saliba had no intention of responding to the fact he’d been farmed out on loan from Arsenal again, it didn’t take the youngster long to take Mikel Arteta to task for the decision.

His disappointment would’ve been obvious, but he’s done himself no favours with his outburst, and may have even killed his Gunners career stone dead.

“The coach immediately told me that I was not ready,” he was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“I would have at least liked to have had a chance to rediscover my rhythm.

“My first six months were difficult, because I was coming from six months where I wasn’t able to train because I was at home and couldn’t train outside, couldn’t play.”

One thing all players have to realise is that the manager is paid to pick the best team at all times.

Occasionally, personal problems will get in the way, but Arteta has always been clear as to what he expects from his players.

Saliba may not agree with the reasons for not playing him, but it’s down to the player to do whatever it takes to change the managers mind, rather than doing what so many players try these days and that is to bleat to the media in the hope of putting pressure on.

Arteta isn’t one for turning and it’s likely done Saliba more harm than good.

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  1. We are all human but for Arteta i think his favoritism is on another level. There is a lot more not given chances by him but at the end of the day they are better than his rot favorites.

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