Bankrupt former Everton star denied debut in the Spanish Third Division because of covid outbreak

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The life of a footballer is a short one in comparison to those of us who hold what would generally be termed a normal job.

If players are lucky, they may have a career spanning 12-15 years, but then nothing unless they happen to fall into media work or coaching.

Royston Drenthe, a former player for Real Madrid and Everton, found himself bankrupt and as a result, he is having to resurrect his career in the Spanish Third Division.

Having signed for Racing Murcia three days ago, Drenthe was preparing to make his debut this weekend.

However, because of a coronavirus outbreak at Cartagena, Sport report that he’ll have to wait at least another week before getting going.

Now 33, the Dutchman will have the best part of six months to earn a further deal and perhaps extend his football career for a few more seasons.

If not, he faces the prospect of civilian life once again.

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