Video: Stockport v West Ham halted by firework display in honour of local boy hit by police car

The first-half of West Ham’s FA Cup tie with Stockport County this evening was forcibly halted after fireworks erupted outside the stadium.

We oftentimes talk about the magic of the cup, but we’re not usually referring to a Disney style firework display, with the iconic castle providing the backdrop and Mickey Mouse going about his business.

In fairness, we’re not referring to exactly that here, either, bar the fireworks, which actually happened and actually brought the first-half of this evening’s FA Cup clash to a stop.

See for yourself – it was a very impressive display.

While it may be an annoyance for all involved, if they were aware of the cause, they’d probably have welcomed it, sat back and enjoyed the spectacle.

It became clear pretty quickly on Twitter that this was not merely a fan causing havoc, rather a locally organised effort to show love and support for a young boy who is seriously injured after a tragic accident.

Get well soon, lad, and well done to all involved.

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