Marcus Rashford shares talk with PM Boris Johnson as ‘unacceptable’ food hampers leave children in need with half-cut vegetables and disgusting quantity of supplies

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Marcus Rashford has taken to social media, the morning after contributing the assist that helped Manchester United take the top spot in the Premier League table, to details talks with Boris Johnson…

Rashford has shared that he’s a ‘good’ conversation with the Prime Minister after ‘unacceptable’ images have flooded social media showing the kind of food hampers that are being provided to those in need.

The England international has shared that Boris has ‘assured’ that he’s ‘committed’ to resolving the ‘issue’, with the nation’s Prime Minister agreeing that the viral images are ‘unacceptable’.

Images, which have been shared by Rashford, show that food hampers – which are an alternative to £30 vouchers sent to families – are completely unfit for purpose.

As well as containing an inhumane amount of food and drink, the hampers have been clearly found to contain products that are worth much less than the £30 voucher struggling families could use instead.

The above photo is arguably the most disgusting, and should leave many of the nation questioning those in power in government and of education authorities, with images showing that parents have been sent half-cut vegetables to feed their children – who are without free school meals as their places of education are shut due to the national lockdown.

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  1. When a loaf of bread costs about £1.20 and they give 2 slices?? Half a pepper!? The food on display barely totals £5 let alone £30. Absolutely disgusting form the govt, Marcus Rashford is being very diplomatic in his tweet, I bet he’s fuming and rightly so

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