Premier League tell club captains they must help ensure that Covid-19 protocols are adhered to or face punishment

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With the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic getting no better, the Premier League have ramped things up a little as far as their members are concerned.

It would appear that the governing body are unhappy that their message doesn’t seem to be getting through.

Players are still hugging after scoring goals and that’s arguably the biggest bone of contention, though subs often not wearing masks whilst sitting on the sidelines is another.

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According to the Daily Star, however, if this behaviour continues, sanctions against the clubs that are clearly flouting the rules will be administered.

What’s more, the Premier League have spoken to the captains (and managers) of each club, and ordered them to ensure that their team-mates don’t breach the guidelines again.

It’s another responsibility being put on the captain’s shoulders and whether, in the midst of celebration, they’ve got the presence of mind to stop people from doing what comes naturally will only be seen in due course.

Perhaps when players and clubs get hit in the pocket, it will make them think twice.

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