Video: Brazilian legend Ronaldinho promises several new releases from his rap group “Wizard’s Troop”

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Obviously spending a few months in prison for trying to enter Paraguay with a false passport was far from ideal, but Ronaldinho has had a pretty amazing time apart from that.

He was legitimately the best player in the world for years at Barcelona and it’s impossible not to like him, while he’s clearly having a lot of fun in his retirement too.

A report from O Globo has confirmed that his rap group “Wizard’s Troop” have just released a new single and there are several more on the way this year.

Everything about their music features Ronaldinho in the title which suggests he’s a major part of the track, but it really just looks like he’s there in the videos and he’s having a lovely old time:

It sounds like most of the videos will simply be Ronaldinho partying with ladies who aren’t wearing many clothes, while the lyrics have strong references to drugs/money/sex/drinking so it sounds like they’ve got most of the clichés sorted.

They do have a more unique point in Ronaldinho where some of the lyrics promise to simply idolise him, so keep your eyes and years peeled for these promised releases later in the year.

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